Feeling Nomadic

sideee modelstat kimonooo


Today’s post features a look created for a shoot I did with a few friends earlier this week. The focal point of my outfit was the gorgeous kimono I bought during my stay in NYC from the Nomad Truck, a wandering fashion boutique. Buying something from a truck was a unique and fun experience, probably one of my favorite parts of my visit to New York! The high-waisted-shorts were a result of read more »


fit for exploring!

newkoutfit.portrait stairs

I haven’t been able  post for a few weeks because there was no internet at my house for about a week, and the following week I went on a trip up north. To celebrate finally being able to get online, I figured I’d share one of my favorite outfits from my stay! I wore this when I visited New york city, it’s chic but still comfortable enough o venture through to city that never sleeps. read more »


July 2014 Wishlist

July means that summer is here and in full blast! It’s a wonderful time to shop for vacations, trips to the beach, and anything this season may bring! Here are some items on my wishlist for the month. read more »


Typicali has joined Lookbook!

 Typicali is now on Lookbook! Lookbook is a great was to share your outfits and find new inspiration from other users. This means that from this point on, there will be buttons on each of my posts containing outfits; these buttons will enable you to “Hype” (the equivalent of favoriting) them easily right from my blog! I’m also working towards putting up my previous outfit posts on my lookbook as well, so you’ll be able to hype almost anything you’ve seen on the blog!


First outfit of the Summer!

looser backvieww sunnies   blackea

Since my last two outfits were both from collaborations with others, I guess that makes this my first outfit of the summer! I wore this outfit on a date earlier this week. Dates are a vital time to take a moment and plan out what you’re going to wear. I don’t mean spending hours searching for the most flattering black dress out there; more like using pieces that aren’t too extravagant (depending on where you’re going on this date), but convey a general idea of who you are and what you like to wear read more »


Tropico Apparel Photoshoot 1/2


This look is from an awesome photoshoot I did with Tropico Apparel yesterday. Tropico is a clothes store that features many hand made tie-dye items and one of a kind pieces, it has a cool vintage feel and is a great store for anyone who has an oldies inspired taste or enjoys having unique things. The store reminds me a lot of American Apparel. I was invited to come take some pictures and model some clothes for the brand as a promo for them and Typicali. read more »


Schoolgirl style

proje duhhh white low top converse

I’m not sure if I’d consider this outfit one of my summer-y looks,but I really needed something to post. So consider this Bonus material! I was collaborating with Kagan Kurt a few weeks back; He asked me to put together a schoolgirl-inspired look for a project he’s working on. When you think about schoolgirl wear, the first thing that comes to mind is obviously a plaid skirt, so I knew I had to use my Plaid skater skirt from Pacsun for this. With that in mind read more »


Summer Bathing suit inspiration & tips

Rather than posting an outfit or a wishlist for June, I decided to discuss something that’s actually pretty relevant since summer is coming up down here.  Swim suits!

If you’re like me, you’re probably already looking for a something new to hit the beach in this summer. Before last year, I was never too interested in having multiple bathing suits, or even getting new ones. But once I developed an interested in fashion and portrait photography, I realized that swim wear is just as important as any clothing, and that means there are always new styles to check out and consider updating…

read more »


When T-shirts are Mandatory

jerseyyyyyshirttcrap hldycrop


Happy Friday! This was an outfit I came up with on the spot last week when my school asked us to wear a gray shirt. Although it’s not new news, I figured I’d mention that you can actually give an old graphic tee a whole new look by rolling up the sleeve a few times, and folding in the shirt (As I did in the photo) You can fold in to any length you like, to make a crop top, or just to your waist. With this knowledge, I was able to turn my over sized Jersey Boys T-shirt into something more my style. read more »


Summer time skirt-y

model piccy flowerchildwhite low top converse


This was my outfit for a photoshoot a few weeks ago. it’s probably not school attire due to the short skirt and cropped top, but it’s a totally cute look for your summer time adventures! read more »

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